“Entrance To The Golden City”, 2023

Entrance To The Golden City

60×60 cm, oil on canvas,  not framed, signed by the artist, certificate of authenticity

My main inspiration for this painting its visit to Saqqara Necropolis. All symbols and patterns on the painting copied from ancient Egyptian tombs. Pattern on the top of the painting from the ceiling of Entrance to the Tomb of Maya in Saqqara, Giza, Cairo.
Name “Entrance to the Golden City” its my imagination, in 2020 was founded “Lost Golden City” in Egypt. Till now its under excavation. That why from left side of the painting I depicted entrance, but example I took from Main Entrance of Saqqara Necropolis.
*Face of Egyptian Lady created by old style, other details of this painting in modern style.
*Hear decorated by patterns from Saqqara Necropolis
*Down of the painting present flowers created with illusion of movements. Which symbolize moving through the ages.

This painting that let your imagination travel back in time to one of the oldest civilizations.
Combination of classical and modern techniques allows to reveal the theme as deeply as possible and achieve unusual effects.

My main goal is to reveal all the beauty of Egyptian life, history, philosophy, ideal patterns and symbols in this painting.
gesso-gold Pebeo
underpainting created with acrylic and acrylic relief (Pebeo)
painting done with oil colors (Sennelier)



Egypt, South Sinai, Sharm El Sheikh, Forum Center, office 30


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