“Golden wings of Isis”, 2022

Golden wings of Isis

 100×70 cm, acrylic on canvas, mixed media, no black color used, not framed, signed by the artist (the autograph in the neckless of Isis) , certificate of authenticity


The main idea of ​​the painting is the motherhood. In the foreground of the painting is Isis, one of the most important goddesses of ancient Egypt. She was an symbol of the femininity and motherhood and was revered as the sister and wife of Osiris, the mother of Horus and the Egyptian pharaohs, who were considered his earthly incarnations. The name “Isis” means “Throne”, which is her headdress.

The myth of Osiris and Isis played an important role in the culture of Egypt, for example, ancient Egyptian believed that the flood of the Nile River is the tears that Isis sheds about her dead husband.

Hieroglyphs sign on the background meaning: “If you want to be a perfect person, make sure that your son is pleasing to God”



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