“Heritage Of Egypt”, 2024

Heritage Of Egypt

 100×100 cm, acrylic on canvas, mixed media, not framed, signed by the artist  , certificate of authenticity


The main source of inspiration is the fact that a huge number of ancient tombs provided an opportunity for a new generation to observe and study a great Egyptian Civilization. Painting shows a significant of Egyptian Culture – Pharaoh Tutankhamun. I like to show a heritage  that has reached our time through the centuries, and is admired, and a source of inspiration. Thanks to the tomb of king Tutankhamun, we can see, study and analyze Egypt’s past. 

Tutankhamun’s legacy is one of the many in Egypt, but the most complete. Since this tomb was practically not looted and come to us untouched. Therefore, Tutankhamun is an important historical figure for Egypt and all the world. 

Before I started this painting I spend several days in the Egyptian Museum to better reflect the details and idea of this painting. Tutankhamun is depicted in the foreground, inspiration from painted quartzite statue which is in the Egyptian Museum. On the right side of the statue the painting shows royal attributes and dagger which is on display in Museum. On left side of king presented pectoral spelling out the name of the king. ” This pectoral spells out Tutankhamun’s throne name ‘Neb-Kheperure’ though the symbols contained within it. The basket at the bottom, neb, meaning ‘lord’, a scarab beetle (in the middle), kheperu, meaning ‘being’, ‘form’, or ‘manifestation’, and the sun (at the top), re, representing the god Re. Thus spelling out his title, which means ‘Lord of Manifestation is Re’.”

Also on the left are some of Tutankhamun jewelry. From both of the sides there are patterns also taken as inspiration from the rich heritage of this king.




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