“The Nile’s Life”, 2023

 The Nile’s Life

100×70 cm, acrylic on canvas, mixed media, not framed, signed by the artist, certificate of authenticity

Egypt was the gift of the Nile”


The idea for this painting come after a visit to Saqqara Necropolis. There I was amazed by the ancient Egyptians talking about their observations of nature, people life. Wall paintings looks like one big presentation of their lives for future generations. By analyzing this heritage, we have a picture of there life. 

I was impressed by the great attention the Egyptians give to birds life scenes. I tried to collect in this picture some types of birds, which I like and a scene that is often repeated on the walls of tombs. The animal grabs the little one from the nest and parents protect it. I thought this scene was very symbolic. And the background is great Nile river which is the main sours of life Egyptian Civilization since the God create Egypt. 

The painting created in mixed media technique using acrylic, acrylic relief and acrylic ink. 


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